Celebrating Spring Equinox

Connect with Spring Equinox (Ostara) Energy

While there are obviously a whole bunch of traditional activities associated with the Christian and Wiccan celebrations at the Spring Equinox, what if you don't really vibe with those? After all, they're based on what's going on in the UK (or sometimes the US) in 6 months time, and while it's roughly the same point in the seasonal cycle, our landscape, lifestyle, and even seasons are still quite different.

Some ideas:

Welcome the energy of spring by bathing with thyme and marjoram (or these bath salts), to spring-clean your emotional space and leave negative experiences and energies in the past.

Open the curtains/blinds to let sunlight in! If it’s practical, you might also open the windows for a time to let in some fresh air.

Spring cleaning the rest of your space is a great thing to do at this time, as well, whether it’s a large undertaking, or you only have the capacity for something small.

  • If the weather is appropriate, consider taking off your warm winter bedsheets and replacing them with fresh/clean summer sheets!

Now would be the time to plant any seeds or seedlings that haven’t been planted yet, as well as re-pot any existing plants that are in need.

If you haven’t started working towards any of the goals you set at the Quickening, now is the time to start taking the first steps.

Decorate your home or altar (or yourself!) with florals! If you don’t have access to fresh flowers, look for fresh/floral scents, floral fabrics and patterns, or other flower imagery.

Eggs are also a traditional symbol of the spring equinox - While it might be challenging to find chocolate eggs this time of year if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, decorating and dyeing eggs can still be a fun creative activity!

  • If you’re not interested in incorporating real eggs in your practice, consider other egg-inspired crafts (like decorating paper cut-outs), or collect plastic eggs when they’re on sale at Easter to bring out for spring décor.


I’ve written about some of my previous VernEx adventures in my grimoire:

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