Reflection (aka Lughnasadh)

Aka: Lughnasadh (Gaelic), Lammas (Wiccan/Christian) 

Traditional Date: February 1 (NH: August 1) 
2022 Astronomical Date: February 4 (NH: August 7)* 

Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous 
Colours: Red, yellow, orange 
Botanicals: Illyarrie, hibiscus 
Incense: Rosemary, frankincense 
Crystals: Citrine, peridot, ametrine 

Foods: Bread, dukkah, nuts, late summer fruits and vegetables, seafood 

Traditionally associated with the start of the grain harvest, in Australia, our grain harvest was wrapped up by the Summer Solstice, although some summer fruits are being harvested.

It’s not quite summer’s end, either, as in a solid few places, the weather continues to get hotter still for another month or more. While some may seek refuge around beaches, pools, and other bodies of water, in some places the heat makes even this unpleasant.

With the heat driving many of us into hibernation, the and the ending of the holiday season driving us back to real life, with work, school, and its myriad of other commitments, this is a time of Reflection.

Linked/Coinciding Festivals:

  • Loafmass (Catholic)
  • Lughnasadh (Irish Gaelic)
  • Gŵyl Awst (Welsh)

Connect with Reflection Energy

  • Reflect on your goals for the solar year:
    • What goals did you make 6 months ago?
    • How are they going?
    • Where might things be lacking, and how can you course-correct (if needed)?
  • Reflect on your goals for the coming calendar year (especially if you’re a person who gets more done in the cooler half of the year): What are your goals, and what are your plans for achieving them?
  • Finish a project.
  • This is a great time to pause to relax and check in with yourself - especially if you’re heading towards the end of a break period. The hot weather can make this great to do by a natural body of water, like at the beach, or by a river.
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