My personal code of ethics are a huge part of both my practice and my business. 
These can be summarised into 3 main areas: Sustainability, social responsibility, and safety. 




  • All of my products are cruelty-free (and most are vegan). 
  • I actively seek out naturally-derived products, such as vegetable waxes and plant-based bio-glitters. 
  • Where I can, I prioritise local and sustainable products and materials. This is why you'll find Western Australian sea/lake​ salts in my products instead of Dead Sea salt or Himalayan rock salt. 
  • I will not source or sell natural products which threated endangered or vulnerable species. Exceptions may be made only if the sustainability of the supply chain is fully verified. 
  • I'm trying to keep my business consumption and waste low: Printed products are produced as-needed to reduce potential wastage - you might find me embracing some mis-prints as well!


  • I am constantly aiming to increase the amount of recycled packaging used (where appropriate).
  • Some products are packaged in plastic, as they need to be protected from moisture and outside air. While I hope to add plastic-free options for these, plastic packaging is sterile, sealable, low-cost, lightweight, and non-breakable, which gives it an advantage over other materials in terms of overall cost and ease of shipping. All plastic packaging can be dropped off at your closest RedCycle collection point to be recycled.
  • For local customers, you're welcome to drop off empty packaging for refill, reuse, or recycling. 


  • As much as possible, packaging and postage materials are re-used, or made from post-consumer recycled materials. Where this isn't possible (or practical), materials are recyclable, and paper products are FSC-certified.
  • Postage is made through Australia Post, who have committed to carbon-neutral delivery.
  • Local folks are welcome to contact me for in-person order collections from the Perth CBD area.  

Socially Responsible


Anti-Racist and Anti-Colonial

​I strive to create both a practice and a business which is actively anti-racist and anti-colonial. As part of this commitment, I aim to:

  • Ensure none of my products or ingredients are rooted in practices or cultures which I do not have consent to profit from, especially those belonging to Indigenous, African (traditional or diaspora), or other colonised groups.
  • Avoid language, motifs, or resources are harmful, or rooted in the dehumanisation or fetishisation of cultures I do not belong to.

That said, if you are looking for any particular items related to your cultural practice, I am more than happy to assist in finding an appropriate source to refer you to!

I am constantly learning, and as such I appreciate there will always be topics on which I am not appropriately educated. If there is anywhere I have slipped up, I welcome you to contact me with feedback so I can endeavour to correct my language and behaviour accordingly. 

Diversity and Inclusion: ​

This business is and always will be as inclusive as possible for folks of all backgrounds, both in my own actions, and those whom I support or recommend. I am to uplift all marginalised communities. 

I always welcome feedback, and would particularly love to hear from anyone with requests on how I can make my products, content, or website more accessible to those with varying needs and backgrounds. 


Product Safety

  • Where applicable/possible, all product pages will contain full ingredients lists and pertinent safety information. 
  • All orders containing herbal products include a card with a link to a site where safety information can be found. 
  • Please note that products are not prepared in an allergy-safe environment, and cross-contamination between products may occur. Please be cautious if you have any severe allergies. 

Essential Oils

Please note that a number of products include essential oils.

  • Essential oils are incredibly potent chemicals and can be dangerous in some contexts.
  • Products containing essential oils are created according to the most stringent safety information I have access to. 
  • Please ensure you check safety information if you have any medical conditions or plan to use products around children. Check with your doctor if you are uncertain whether it's safe to use any products.
  • Many essential oils are toxic to pets. I have yet to find a reliable source of safety information regarding essential oils and animals - If you intend to use these products around your pets, please do your own research, or check with your veterinarian.
  • If you would like any items without essential oils, please contact me and I would be more than happy to create alternatives which use appropriate fragrance oils instead!