Origin: Asia and the Mediterranean region

Family: Lamiaceae
Scientific Name: Salvia rosmarius (previously Rosmarinus officinalis)

Folk Names: Compass weed, dew of the sea, elf leaf, guardrobe, incensier, libanotis, polar plant, rosmaris, rosmarine, rosemarie, sea dew


Element: Fire
Day: Sunday
Planet: Sun
Zodiac: Leo
Associated Celebrations: Winter Solstice and Samhain
Deities: Athena, Kupala

Magical Properties: Cleansing, exorcism, healing, intellect, love, lust, protection, purification, remembrance, sleep, vitality, youth.

Substitutions: Due to its versatility, Rosemary can be used in place of almost any other herb

Magical Uses

  • Hung up it wards off thieves.
  • Wear a chaplet of rosemary to aid the memory.
  • Burn rosemary and juniper as a healing and recuperation incense.
  • The smoke is purifying - Combine it with sage for smoke cleansing.
  • Add rosemary to protective foods, especially those utilizing tomatoes.
  • It’s used for both weddings and funerals due to its associations with love and remembrance.
  • It has connections with the sea and so is used in all sea rituals, as well as in sachets designed to ensure a safe, easy passage on the water.
  • A good protective sachet for boat or ship passengers can be made up of rosemary, garlic (to stop storms), and mistletoe (to guard against lightning storms).


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Rosemary printable grimoire page

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