About Nyx Apothecary

Nyx Apothecary is a small (1 person) business based in Perth, Western Australia. 

Hi, I'm Nyx! 

I've created Nyx Apothecary to share the things I struggled to find for my own practice. 

As an Aussie green witch/druid, creating a practice that makes sense with where I am in the world has been my biggest focus from the start. Part of this has been creating a relationship with local/native botanicals (especially those that never feature in books on witchcraft or magical herbalism), and the other major part has been throwing out the 'traditional' neo-Pagan Wheel of the Year and creating my own calendar of seasonal celebrations based on my local seasons. A lot of the products here have come at least in part from these two core ideas. 

Most of the rest of my products are things I've searched for for my practice, or things I've seen others search for. 

This has also been highly influenced by my code of ethics, particularly in regards to ecological and social impact. While I admit I'm far from perfect, I aim to create a business which is as environmentally-sustainable and anti-racist as possible. I strive to continue learning about these issues and do my best to reduce the harm I cause. I hope that you'll join me on this mission. 


Nyx 💜