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Autumnal Perfume/Anointing Oil

Autumnal Perfume/Anointing Oil

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Inspired by autumn, this perfume/anointing oil is fragranced with niaouli, ylang-ylang, and citronella essential oils. It also contains an amethyst crystal chip, a clove bud, and bronze bio-glitter!


Grapeseed oil, niaouli essential oil, ylang-ylang essential oil, oil, citronella essential oil, clove bud, amethyst chip. 

Safety Information

Niaouli essential oil should not be used on or around infants or children. Be cautious with ylang-ylang essential oil on damaged skin and around young children. 

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A perfume vial filled with pale yellow oil, containing a clove bud, a small amethyst crystal chip, and bio-glitter

Product Information

Handmade made with grapeseed oil, essential and fragrance oils, crystals, and botanicals, this comes in a 10mL glass vial with a roller for application. It can be used both as a perfume or an anointing oil! 

In addition to connecting with the energies of autumn, this candle can be used for purification, balance, and peace. 

These oils are vegan, cruelty-free, and handmade in Perth, Western Australia.