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This comfrey leaf comes in a resealable bag with a label detailing the main magical correspondences. 

This is food safe, so able to be used in cooking and teas, and available in a small bag (~10g) or large (40g). 


Chopped comfrey leaf

Safety Information

- Do not consume if pregnant or breastfeeding.
- The alkaloids in comfrey can be harmful to the liver, so be cautious if using on broken skin, or consuming, particularly if taking any medications which interact with the liver.

Comfrey botanical illustration

Product Information

Common name: Comfrey

Latin name: Symphytum officinalis
Folk names: Assear, black wort, boneset, bruisewort, consolida, consound, guni plant, healing blade, healing herb, knitbone, miracle herb, salisify, slippery root, wallwort, yallus

Element: Air
Planet: Saturn
Zodiac: Capricorn

Magical Properties: Cleansing, divination, luck, healing, love, protection, travel

Part: Leaf
Origin: Hungary
Food-Safe: Yes
Organic: No

Weight: 10g / 40g


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