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Grovedaughter Witchery by Bree NicGarran

Grovedaughter Witchery by Bree NicGarran

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The #1 book I recommend to anyone approaching the topic of witchcraft, I'm delighted to be the first Australian stockist of Bree NicGarran's beginner-friendly Grovedaughter Witchery. This book covers the basics of witchcraft from a secular perspective, and includes a solid selection of spells and recipes from her own personal grimoire, as well as instructions on crafting your own!


226 page, paperback book.

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For the witch whose town is devoid of occult shops and covens, learning the craft can be a daunting task indeed. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways for a budding practitioner to make a start.

Stroll down the forest path with Bree NicGarran, co-author of "The Sisters Grimmoire" and "The Witches' Cupboard," and discover the surprising ways you can practice your craft with commonplace items from the supermarket and the craft store. Build a travel kit for on-the-go magic. Create your own spells from scratch with a step-by-step guide. Learn how to make your own witch webs and magical powders. Uncover the secrets of walnut charms and witch-balls and much, much more. Every page carries tricks of the trade and homegrown charms from the files of the Grovedaughter herself.

From besoms to banishings to a bit of good advice, Grovedaughter Witchery is the ideal book for any witch with an inclination toward a practical, no-frills approach to witchcraft.