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This small bag of parsley includes a label detailing the main magical correspondences. 

This is food safe, so able to be used in cooking and teas, and available in a small bag (~7g) or large (25g). 


Chopped parsley leaf

Safety Information

- Can cause allergic reactions in some people (aspirin can increase sensitivity in these people).
- Do not consume in larger than food amounts during pregnancy.
- Consuming large amounts can cause anaemia and liver or kidney problems.
- May interfere with blood sugar levels, blood pressure, blood clotting, kidney problems, fluid retention, anticoagulants, and diuretic medications.

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Parsley botanical illustration

Product Information

Common name: Parsley

Latin name: Petroselinum crispum
Folk names: Devil’s oatmeal, percely, persil, petersilie

Element: Air
Planet: Mercury
Zodiac: Gemini

Magical Properties: Lust, protection, prosperity, purification, ancestors, success

Part: Leaves
Origin: Egypt
Food-Safe: Yes
Organic: No

Weight: ~ 7g / 25g