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Protection Herb Bundle

Protection Herb Bundle

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A selection of 5 protection herbs to help those building/expanding their collection: Chilli flakes, Garlic flakes, Juniper berries, Peppercorns (black), Sea salt.


Chilli flakes, garlic flakes, juniper berries, peppercorns (black), salt

Safety Information

Safety information for each botanical can be found on their individual product pages.

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A collection of spoons holding a variety of herbs and teas

Product Information

A selection of herbs and botanicals for use in witchcraft and other natural practices.

These botanicals can be used for incenses, spell-work, infused oils, as well as a variety of other applications. All of these botanicals are food-safe, and can also be used in teas, cooking, and beauty applications (such as bath salts/teas).

This Protection herb bundle contains Chilli flakes, Garlic granules, Juniper berries, Peppercorns (black), Sea salt.

These come in a plastic zip-lock bag containing roughly 50mL-1/4 cup of materials each. Each comes with a label detailing the common name, botanical name, and associated element, planet, zodiac sign, and magical properties.

* Denotes organic or sustainably wildcrafted herbs