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Summertime Perfume/Anointing Oil

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Inspired by summer, this perfume/anointing oil is fragranced with jasmine and sweet orange essential oils and rose fragrance. It also contains a rose quartz crystal chip, a jasmine flower, and gold bio-glitter!


Grapeseed oil, sweet orange essential oil, jasmine essential oil, rose fragrance oil, jasmine flower, rose quartz chip. 

Safety Information

Sweet orange essential oil is NOT phototoxic, but can be sensitising if the product is old and the oil has oxidised. 

A perfume vial filled with pale yellow oil, containing a jasmine flower, a small rose quartz crystal chip, and bio-glitter

Product Information

Handmade made with grapeseed oil, essential and fragrance oils, crystals, and botanicals, this comes in a 10mL glass vial with a roller for application. It can be used both as a perfume or an anointing oil! 

In addition to connecting with the energies of summer, this candle can be used for happiness, creativity, love, and friendship. 

These oils are vegan, cruelty-free, and handmade in Perth, Western Australia.