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This small bag of wildcrafted white willow bark includes a label detailing the main magical correspondences. 

This is food safe, so able to be used in cooking and teas, and available in a small bag (~15g) or large (60g). 


Chopped white willow bark

Safety Information

- Can cause allergic reactions, especially in those with allergies or sensitivities to aspirin.
- Can cause diarrhoea, heartburn, and vomiting in some people when consumed.
- Should not be consumed if breastfeeding, by children with viral infections, or for extended periods.
- May interact with bleeding disorders, kidney disease, and multiple medications.

White willow botanical illustration

Product Information

Common name: White Willow

Latin name: Salix alba

Element: Water
Planet: Moon
Zodiac: Cancer

Magical Properties: Healing, love, wishes, protection, divination, intuition, purification

Part: Bark
Origin: Macedonia
Food-Safe: Yes
Organic: Wildcrafted

Weight: 15g / 60g


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