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This wormwood comes in a resealable bag with a label detailing the main magical correspondences. 

This is food safe, so able to be used in cooking and teas, and available in a small bag (~5g) or large (20g). 


Chopped wormwood

Safety Information

- Some people are allergic to wormwood, especially those with allergies to other members of the Asteraceae family.
- Wormwood can be high in thujone, which can cause a number of side-effects if consumed (ranging from mild to fatal), and should be avoided by people who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have seizure conditions or porphyria.
- Is likely to interact with anticonvulsant medications.

Wormwood botanical illustration

Product Information

Common name: Wormwood

Latin name: Artemisia absinthium
Folk names: Absinthe, Crown for a King, green fairy, green ginger, madderwort, old woman

Element: Air
Planet: Scorpio
Zodiac: Pluto

Magical Properties: Clairvoyance, divination, protection, banishing, exorcism

Part: Plant
Origin: Hungary
Food-Safe: Yes
Organic: No

Weight: ~ 5g / 20g


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